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  • Ebola out of control in West Africa, kills 672

    The Ebola virus has already killed 672 people and infected 1 201 in West Africa, according to the latest figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Guinea has the highest number of casualties with 319 deaths, while Liberia and Sierra Leone have 129 and 224, respectively, WHO said. Liberia this week shuts down three [...]

$50-billion’s loan portfolio for BRICS’ New Development Bank

The newly-launched New Development Bank, an initiative of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), will initially provide loans to the value of US$50 billion, reports from Johannesburg said this week. This amount highlights the potential the institution will offer to discover new sources of economic growth for the various nations, Charles Brewer, MD [...]

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East Africa’s oil and gas discoveries to kick-start economic transformation

East Africa’s oil and gas discoveries are set to fundamentally transform the economies of the region as the fuel resources usher in new investment in road, rail, power and industrial infrastructure, South Africa’s Standard Bank said this week. Experts said recent oil and gas discoveries in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Mozambique have [...]

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Durban gospel group launches first album

South Africa’s Kwamashu Praises Jesus (KPJ), a 13-member gospel group established in 2012 by Bheki Ntshingila, has finally launched its first album titled Prayer for Our nation. The album, as well as their music, is a mixture of traditional, contemporary and modern gospel music suitable for all ages. Gospel fanatics can jam and dance to [...]

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South Africa’s poverty, disability to be debated at a Johannesburg seminar

South Africa might be Africa’s richest nation and second-biggest economic powerhouse behind Nigeria, but at least 45% of its population is poor, and struggling to make ends meet. The country also boasts quite a number of disabled people who seem to be marginalised, and denied of work and business opportunities that could have improved their lives, [...]

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FNB’s delight as pre-paid electricity sales increase

South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB) said its prepaid electricity purchases have experienced a surge as new municipalities across the country were being added to its distribution and consumers adopt the method as an adequate way of controlling their electricity bills. “Our electricity sales have seen a strong year-on-year growth of 59% as consumers become [...]

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