How Do People Impact on the Rainforest

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Some things you can do as a consumer to help preserve the rainforest

As a consumer, the best one can do is to utilize products that can be recycled. This way, the demand for raw products from the rainforests falls significantly. For example, we can choose to use solar energy that is renewable rather than wood fuel. In addition, there is also the possibility of using softcopy engineered books that reduce the demand for book printing that is costly in reference to wood being the main raw material in the production of paper.

Two ways to help raise awareness for endangered species due to deforestation is by becoming a member and campaigning for the WWF. This is the largest organization that looks into the welfare of animals and by contributing towards its campaigns, one can raise awareness. Additionally, individuals can also use their social media platform to communicate on the problem area. Because it’s better not to make many copies of rainforest writing paper, for example, but post the information about deforestation and bad human impact on the nature. Social media impacts on our lives in diverse ways thus a great platform to create awareness for endangered species.

Rainforest20 Years Ago10 Years AgoPresent ConditionReasons for decline (ex: agriculture, logging, mining, ranching, urbanization, etc.)Animals affected by deforestation and current plans to improve numbers
Amazon Rainforest



Approximately 18% was lost making this an area of approximately 509,000km20% of the forest had been cut down covering an area of approximately 700,000kmAs it stands, deforestation has improved over the years but there are still logging activities especially in Brazil.Logging, urbanization, ranching, farmingFrogs, birds, plant species and indigenous populations.
The current plans to improve the forest look into preventing illegal deforestation, encouraging forestation and alternative means of fuel and other raw materials gotten from the forest.
Australian Rainforest







Not that intense deforestation and loss had begun.Almost 25% of the forest is lostFragmented native vegetation

8% remain in its native condition


Forest clearing, natural fires, forest degradation


Long-footed potoroo, Leadbeater’s possum, Tiger quoll, Yellow-bellied glider, Glossy black-cockatoo, Sooty owl, Regent honeyeater, and the
Spotted tree frog (
Plans to improve the situation include government protection, recycling efforts, sustainable timber usage and wood use decline.
Congo Rainforest








More than 3000sq km of land being cleared on annual basis.A decline of about a third in deforestation efforts (lower than 2000sq km per yearDeforestation continues to slow
Healthy tree species have been discovered to include some of the tallest
More focus and attention is being subjected to minimg fieldsThe natives, pygmies, the three gorilla species, bonobos and millions of people who depend on the forest.

More effort are being enacted to reduce dependence on wood, 50% of the forest is now under protection and recycling efforts are being encouraged.


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