Action Plan for Unemployment and Poverty Alleviation

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General Assembly Committee

Sponsors: United States

Signatories: India, Algeria, Nigeria and Argentina

Topic: “UNDP Coordination to finding a solution to Unemployment Crisis and Poverty Alleviation.”

The General Assembly,

Reaffirming the settlement of the Government and State authorities as indicated by the UNMD (United Nations Millennium Declaration) in the development and implementation of strategies that would offer employment to people giving each and every person a chance to find a real job as indicated by the World Summit Results in 2005,

Recognizing that people are assets for sustainable fiscal growth and social enhancement, and showing a deep concern about the rate effect upon unemployment and poverty throughout the world and its effects on the future of our nations,

Stressing that the Government is responsible for the education of people of all ages to encourage them to have different skills to raise their employability that will aid in unemployment and poverty eradication,

Emphasizing that the UNDP has the power to eradicate poverty and increase jobs opportunities to many people globally,

Acknowledging that the economic trends in many countries have led to poverty and unemployment reduction through economic growth though the gap between the rural and urban areas shows such growth has little effect on the living standards of the poorest group in the countryside,

Recalling the new UNDP’s resolution, the strategy for sustainable development 2030 passed on Sep 25, 2015 with the aim of eradicating poverty and giving all people a better-paying job as well as other targets,

To formulate various strategies to eliminate poverty and increase the employment rates in the world, the UNDP has established a mechanism to cater for the following mandates:

  1. Adopts various programs and policies with the goal of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), specifically with the aim of unemployment and poverty alleviation,
  2. Invites new organizations such as the World Bank and countries to join them in formulating employment networks and actions for unemployment eradication,
  3. Underlines that technical training is complementary elements to education process and are useful tools in enhancing the transition from school to work,
  4. To adopt effective strategies to combat corruption, facilitate investments and infrastructure for jobs creation which will later help in poverty eradication,
  5. Share information and experiences in granting credits and loans that will promote self-employment as well as jobs creation for poverty alleviation,
  6. Adopt easy and efficient policies for accessibility to clean drinking water, health services and improvement of rural life,
  7. Focus on increasing the minimum wage which will help bring the underemployed people to a good pay that will aid in poverty alleviation,
  8. Recommends that the encouragement of the youth employment networks which will assist in supporting the development and sustainability of national actions plans towards employment,
  9. Promote tourism in many nations which will encourage foreign exchange which stands at the front of building wealth in many nations’ also increasing employment rates in such countries,
  10. Support the use of technology in developing businesses and plans that will help in jobs creation for poor people,
  11. Formulate measures and policies for taking care of the vulnerable people in poor areas especially people living in natural disaster-affected regions around the world,
  12. Expand social security networks to enhance the living conditions of poor people especially the vulnerable groups; elderly, female headed household and disabled.
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