Nigerian Man Develops World’s First AI Portal that Can Translate Over 2,000 African Languages

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Africa is a big continent, with a lot of countries and a lot of languages. But as it happens many times, there’s a language barrier between people due to the number of dialects present on the continent. This language barrier can be a huge problem when someone needs help, for example.

So, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was something that could help Africans from all over the continent understand each other? This must have been the same thought process of Emmanuel, a Nigerian man who’s the CEO of a Europe-Africa based technology company, OpenBinacle.

He worked hard and ended up with the first AI portal that can help Africans translate more than 2,000 languages. As such, people will have more communication opportunities, and aid will be provided in more cases. This post will give you more information about this amazing development.

Emmanuel Gabriel – Who Is He?

Emmanuel Gabriel, as stated previously, is the CEO of the OpenBinacle company. He founded the company a long time ago and is a very skilled entrepreneur, as well as a skilled communicator.

He was born in the Edo State, Nigeria. He was smart ever since and dedicated to this field. That’s what prompted him to study ICT and Robotics in India. When he turned 18, he was able to build his first software which would help him analyze petroleum crude oil seismic information.

According to him, his goal, and his company’s goal is to make human life easier by coming up with methods that would connect them. They would use artificial intelligence sensors, algorithms and identifiers to help make devices which would make communication easier.

Emmanuel is a strong team-leader who motivates himself a lot and is able to motivate those around him as well. All of these things helped him come up with OBTranslate, the world’s first AI portal that will help Africans connect with each other, in spite of potential language differences.

“Our machine language, AI algorithms with neural network connections have curated billions of tasks waiting for Africans who can teach our machine their local dialect” he declared.

How Does the AI Portal Work?

Gabriel Emmanuel was the one leading to the development of this platform. OBTranslate, which is the global Artificial Intelligence platform, is the first one that was able to accomplish this.

The OpenBinacle CEO has declared that this feature was built on machine learning, combined with big data analysis and AI. As such, it’s able to identify language tasks, as well as patterns. It has the power to translate from over 2,000 languages and dialects, which is why it will be able to offer Africans more opportunities regarding studies and work.

OpenBinacle has created OBTalker back in 2017. If you’re familiar with apps such as Telegram and Whatsapp, then you’ll know what type of app OBTalker is, since it’s similar. Just like the two mentioned applications, OBTalker has the ability to support, aside from texting, video and voice calls.

Initially, the application was already useful and means to work in favor of Africans. It had the text-to-speech feature implemented, and besides, it could translate into 26 languages.

The portal has a few tasks it needs to include, such as education materials, music lyrics, accent, voice recognition, natural language processing, television subtitles and so on.

How Can It Be Useful?

Now that OBTranslate has been brought to light, though, it has been implemented into the OBTalker app. Therefore, Africans will have access to stuff they didn’t beforehand. There are many people who can’t communicate because they live in different areas, such as one being from an urban one, whereas the other is from a rural one, with another dialect. So, the newly established feature will make it that this is not a problem anymore.

Not to mention, marketing will be much easier too. Language barriers would not allow people to sell or purchase smartphones, vehicles and other similar things. Now that the app has been developed, the market will grow as more people will have access to goods.

Even more, he stated that “farmers will be able to trade their goods and services without language communication barriers”. All in all, it’s meant to make the world a better place.

Final Thoughts

An Arabic translation service might come to mind when you don’t understand an African dialect, but this AI portal would make things way easier. Apparently, the first phase of this amazing project will have 9 billion tasks, whereas the 2nd one will have 12 billion tasks.

Moreover, according to a German-based developer, the project will hire around 100 million Africans too. 3.6 billion USD of passive income will come as a projection, for Africans who have the capacity. It’s safe to say that this is going to be a big thing in Africa and offer people a lot of possibilities.

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