41 High Paying Freelance Writing Niches ( How to Find Yours)

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Freelance Niches

Upwork niche finder is the world’s first Freelancer niche generator that finds profitable niches for your skill. It helps you find profitable niches for your skill in freelancer platforms. It’s extremely easy and fast to use.

Javascript developers are in high demand, and the freelance market is thriving. With the power of javascript on your side, you can expand your client base and get paid to do what you love. Here are the top three most profitable freelance niches for javascript developers:

Website Creation

Building websites from scratch requires expertise in javascript and other programming languages. You can start by contacting small businesses that don’t have a website or need a new one built. You can find these local businesses by looking on Google Maps and checking out which businesses haven’t yet claimed their listings.

eCommerce Development

As more companies move their operations online, they need to set up ways to buy and sell products over the internet. For this purpose, they will often hire a javascript developer who can integrate ecommerce features into their existing sites (or create brand new ones).

Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools help businesses display their data in an organized way so it’s easy for clients and executives to understand it at a glance. If you’re good with charts, graphs, and diagrams, you can use your skills as a javascript developer to create custom data visualization tools for your clients’ specific needs.

WordPress Niches

NGOs and charities

These organizations thrive on donations, which means that they need to have a website that inspires generosity and trust. They also need to be able to keep their donors updated about what’s going on with the organization and how their money is being used, which requires sophisticated content management systems.

Small businesses

Many small businesses have a budget that doesn’t leave room for a full-service web design team or webmaster. They tend to hire freelance WordPress developers instead, who can develop a site that meets all of the business’s needs while being easy for the owner to maintain.

Educational institutions

Schools, universities, tutoring services, and other educational institutions often depend on donations and tuition fees as well as government funding, which means they need a website that inspires trust and confidence in order to attract those funds. Many of these institutions also have resource-rich online libraries that require intricate content management systems.

41 high paying freelance writing niches

1. Ads

Salary: As a newbie ads copywriter, expect to earn anywhere from $300 per project. You’ll start to demand higher rates when you have experience under your belt, and results to show your advertising copy gets an ROI for the clients who hire you.

How to start: Start freelance ad writing by finding entry-level copywriting jobs–ideally for clients who run their own advertising campaigns. You’ll get your foot in the door with clients, prove you can write, and upsell your ad writing services.

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2. Annual reports

Salary: Companies have different budgets to outsource their annual reports. It largely depends on the company’s size, the industry they work in, and how much work needs to be done to create the report.

3. B2B software (SaaS)

The good news? Because software companies are known to attract funding, many B2B SaaS companies outsource their writing needs to freelance writers. (Databox, for example, runs its blog using only freelance writers.)

If you can’t find any freelance writing gigs right away, work on some personal projects around this niche. Write a blog, pitch a guest post, or create a writing sample. It’ll help fill up your portfolio with work that you can later use to pitch to clients in the future.

4. Business plans

A business plan is a document that businesses use to explain their objectives, goals, and the strategies they will use to reach them. Business plans can be labor-intensive documents for startups to produce, so some entrepreneurs use freelance business plan writers to do it for them.

Some businesses don’t have funding to pay writers. Startup companies, for example, may rely on freelance writers to create their business plans, but because they’re self-funding the company, they may struggle to pay high rates.

How to start: Becoming a business plan writer can be tricky. Businesses tend to need a plan written up weeks before even starting to operate, so finding consistent clients could be a bit difficult.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Start by positioning yourself as a freelance business plan writer in your existing network. Over time, friends and family who are starting a business will come to you for help. They’ll be your first clients.

5. Case studies

Case studies are pieces of content that help companies prove they know their stuff. They form part of a larger marketing strategy and are typically used by sales teams when pitching their product/service to a potential customer.

Case studies are a step up from testimonials–hence why you can choose this as a freelance writing niche. They break down how their product/service was used, the positive result the existing client got–and why future clients should expect to see the same.

Most freelance copywriters reportedly charge 800,500 to 5000,000 per case study. This is higher than other freelance writing niches because the company can see how their investment in your writing leads to revenue for their business.

A good way to find your first case study writing client is to write about yourself. Have you used a product or tool that helped you get a positive outcome? Whether that’s saving time or finding new clients, write up a case study framing yourself and your results. Send that to the company. If they publish it, that’s one way to build your case study portfolio.

6. Ebooks

Many companies use ebooks as lead magnets. They offer them to website visitors in return for their email addresses. They’re typically 1,500 to 5,000+ words long and ghostwritten, meaning you won’t take credit for the content.

Experienced ebook writers, or those writing about an in-depth topic, can demand higher rates (up to 800 per word.) This can be lucrative if you’ve got a big project. A 3,000-word ebook, for example, could pay you $3,000.

How to start: Freelance blogging is a natural segue into writing ebooks if you’re writing long-form content. So, find a few freelance writing clients and upsell your ebook writing services once they know you’re a great writer.

7. Grant writing

If a company needs money to work on projects that provide jobs and services that boost the economy, it can apply for a government grant. Companies often outsource grant writing to writers who understand the best practices for submitting a pitch that gets accepted.

Next, start to build your experience. If there are local charities and initiatives you’re passionate about, reach out to them and offer to do grant research (this doesn’t have to be paid work). They might lean on you when they’re writing their next grant proposal.

How do I find my freelance writing niche?

How do you go about choosing a niche that interests you and can be profitable? Start by browsing the list of possibilities above and choosing a few niches. Then take the following three steps to identify your niche.

Step 1: Decide if you want to learn more about the niche. Good writers should become subject matter experts in their industry over time. The only way to become an expert is by being curious and staying on top of trends and events.

Step 2: Determine if you can solve the niche’s problems. Maybe you have a specialty or training experience that could benefit a particular niche. This would be an excellent way to present new information and help businesses solve their problems.

Step 3: Research if the niche is profitable or not. Run a Google search to learn how popular a particular niche is. Look at different market research reports and how often people search for the topics in your niche. Check how much competition you may have in the space. Remember that competition is a good thing because it signals clients are ready to buy.

Freelance Writing Niches: 8 High-Paying Topics

1. Finance / Personal Finance

Even more profitable are banks, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders. They all need you to educate their consumers, and many have impressive blogs you could write for or training materials you could help them develop.

2. Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are hot topics related to finance. It involves a good bit of technical writing and know-how, and you’ll need to learn a lot of jargon. But if you understand blockchain technology and can explain it to others in a way they can understand, you definitely want to look into this niche.

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3. Technology Writing

4. Digital Marketing

5. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Companies that sell their software-as-a-service need to explain their product to prospects and customers. Not only do they need copy, like website copy, and email newsletters, but they also need long-form blog posts in tutorial and how-to formats.

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6. Alternative Health / CBD Products

7. Education

8. Real Estate

If you want local clients, realtors could use your writing expertise. You could create home buying guides, information pieces about local laws and ordinances, and even some fun articles about home decor and how to stage houses for sale.

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How To Validate and Test Your Freelance Writing Niche

Is There a Market For It (And Does It Pay Enough For Your Needs)?

The Ultimate Freelance Writing Niche Test

There’s always a difference between what you think something will be like and what it is actually like. Said another way, you can’t truly know what you want to write about until you start writing about it.

As an example, maybe you think you’d love to write B2B SaaS content for Content Management Solution providers. But then you read about “headless CMS solutions” (yes, that’s a thing), and your eyes glaze over. Not a good sign.

Bonus Tip: An excellent way to test a different niche is to write a guest post. This is a three-for-one deal, as not only can you test the waters, provide proof you can write in that niche, but you could also gain exposure to potential clients.

Is Freelance Writing Profitable?

28-year-old Alex Fasulo has been earning a steady six-figure income as a freelance writer. She was making USD14K – USD15K at the mere age of 24. She writes for large corporations to social media influencers who want a write-up on their dog.

You may be working in a bank and have all the finance knowledge in the world but your passion is traveling. Do not worry, you can start with finance writing, build up a good portfolio of work and then slowly move over to travel writing.

It is important to know that you can sharpen your writing skills and expand your knowledge at any given time if you put in the effort. Being a freelance writer, you’d want to ensure that the writing niche chosen will bring in the most profit.

Final Thoughts on Freelance Writing Niches

So, what if you don’t like the niche you pick, or you find you need more knowledge of education? One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is that you shouldn’t stress over picking a niche because a freelance writing niche isn’t forever.

If you don’t feel like the one you picked is right for you, there are an endless number of freelance writing niches out there. Check out my niche Down to Level Up Your Profits Challenge to walk you through picking a niche the easy way. Seriously, it will take the stress off of you.

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