13 Ways to Market Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

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13 Ways to Market Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

13 Ways to Market Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

Having organized an ecommerce website is a job half done. The rest of the job is proper marketing of the website to gain more customers as more and more individuals become aware of the website, the sales increase and thereby establish the virtual presence of the ecommerce initiative.

As the word of mouth spreads, more customers will turn their heads towards the website. Hence why proper marketing is very essential and crucial in an ecommerce website. Below we’ve mentioned some creative ways of marketing any ecommerce website. So, let us see the complete story on the topic- 13 Ways to Market Your E-Commerce Website.

Unpaid vs. paid promotions

Unpaid and paid promotions are two sides of the same coin. While they have their fundamental differences, both avenues help you reach potential customers and meet revenue goals by driving new traffic to your site. The core difference between the two structures is pricing — but that’s not the full picture.

Unpaid (or “organic”) marketing refers to the promotional tools you can utilize that don’t require ongoing investments to be consistently effective. They work partly by leveraging the audience you already have, then amplifying your reach through word-of-mouth and search engines. An example of this is sharing your new product in your social media stories to your existing followers. When people are already looking for you, a great unpaid marketing strategy ensures you’re found

On the other hand, paid promotions center on advertising that often has continuing costs, and ending your investment typically means ending the promotion. Pay-per-click advertising is an example — you only pay if someone clicks on the ad. Many brands choose this route since it brings product awareness to people who haven’t yet realized their need for it.

Both approaches to promoting your online store will gain traction, but it’s best to start by optimizing all of your unpaid marketing opportunities before supplementing with paid ads. There’s value to each strategy, but always start with the lowest-cost improvements for your business, and work your way up.

Either way, make sure you use web traffic analytics tools along the way. For example, Squarespace’s built-in analytics show you where your website traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they’re interacting with the products in your online store. Once you have this concrete data on which of your efforts work best for your ecommerce store, you can pivot your promotional strategy over time.


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