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Moon of The South in an African news blog that seeks to empower Africans. The goal of the blog is to provide independent and reliable news that focus on Africa affairs. The news focus on business, people culture, sport, and entertainment. Moon is the home for all voices and ideas.

Why Moon of the South

The concept of the moon is unique and targets open-minded readers. Moon news strive to deliver factual information while adhering to social ethics. We are available worldwide via The staff at the moon of the south is diverse reflecting the diversity in Africa. The media blog is for everyone, and we are continually challenging ourselves to deliver the best news.

Discover everything you need to know about Africa: political, tourist attraction sites and the economy. Discover who is who in the second largest continent in the world and how the African do their things. The blog post will illustrate on the exciting and breaking news happening in every corner of the vast continent.

False information deliberately published for profit or fame is not allowed. Our journalists are highly trained to be ethical and professional when carrying out their roles. We strive to maintain the peace and unity currently being experience around Africa by providing fully-packaged news.

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Issa Sikiti da Silva

Issa Sikiti da Silva is the founder and chief editor of the Moon of the South news from Africa. He is a freelance journalist who has traveled to over twenty plus countries in Africa and is an award-winning African journalist.  Silva is famous for his intelligent and insightful posts in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Europe, and Qatar. In 2010, he won the SADC South Africa Development Community, Media 2010 Award in print category. “As long as I have a chance I will keep making noise about the fate of vulnerable women and needy children in the continent of Africa. Writing about children, women, and nature gives me much joy and satisfaction.”