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What Makes a Good Paper for a College Student

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Writing a research paper is one of the hardest things students have to deal with nowadays. It’s time-consuming and mentally draining. Aside from the hours of research involved, writing the actual paper takes a lot of time and energy. This leaves the students little strength to accomplish all their other tasks and projects. All students […]

Nigerian Man Develops World’s First AI Portal that Can Translate Over 2,000 African Languages

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Africa is a big continent, with a lot of countries and a lot of languages. But as it happens many times, there’s a language barrier between people due to the number of dialects present on the continent. This language barrier can be a huge problem when someone needs help, for example. So, wouldn’t it be […]

OPEC and Its Impact on World Economy

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The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, also known as OPEC or OPEP in a few languages, is an international supranational organization that was founded by five countries. 1960 is opec established year. These five countries, that is, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela were represented in a meeting in Baghdad. At this time, […]

Action Plan for Unemployment and Poverty Alleviation

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General Assembly Committee Sponsors: United States Signatories: India, Algeria, Nigeria and Argentina Topic: “UNDP Coordination to finding a solution to Unemployment Crisis and Poverty Alleviation.” The General Assembly, Reaffirming the settlement of the Government and State authorities as indicated by the UNMD (United Nations Millennium Declaration) in the development and implementation of strategies that would […]

To the Origins: How Did Early Humans Survive in African Rainforest?

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According to powerful evidence from an archaeological site in south-west Kenya Humans found at Kanjera South, humans were thriving and living on open grassland in Africa as early as 2 million years ago. They made stone tools and used them to butcher animals. It has long been since humans were only able to colonize rainforests […]

How Do People Impact on the Rainforest

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Some things you can do as a consumer to help preserve the rainforest As a consumer, the best one can do is to utilize products that can be recycled. This way, the demand for raw products from the rainforests falls significantly. For example, we can choose to use solar energy that is renewable rather than […]

Unemployment and Poverty in Algeria

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International co-operation and encourage the respect for rights and freedom of individuals. The United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UNDESA) strives to promote employment creation in different parts of the world agenda of norm-setting, data analysis, and capacity building. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has also been effective over the years in […]

7 things you don’t know about witchcraft in Africa

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Although Heidi Holland will probably be known for her eye-opening book Dinner with Mugabe in the years to come, she also left a mark in several other aspects that make Africa a distinctive country, including magic and witchcraft. Such traditions, while based on non-scientific information, is an irreplaceable part of the African culture and should […]

Effects of climatic change on food security

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Over two decades ago, millions of people had been raised out of food shortage; as well the frequency of malnutrition has notably been decreasing. However, several other millions still languish in poverty. The most notable effects of climate change include rising food insecurity and malnutrition.  Climate change has been the cause behind increasing risks of […]