Privacy Terms

At Moon of the South, we take the safety and privacy of our readers seriously.  We recognize that you use personal information like the email address to subscribe to our newsletter and access information from our website. We have a policy that ensures your details are safe from third parties and we are not to disclose our client list.

Personal identification Information PII

Personal Identification Information is personal details that can be solely used to locate an individual. The PII information security can also be used with other information to contact or manipulate the target. The PII is popularly used in the US and European privacy law to protect its citizens.

PII includes:


Moon of the South news in Africa may collect personal identification information PII from our readers in various ways.

The decision to provide any personal information is solely upon the subscriber. As a site visitor, you have the right to decline to submit your details. Exceptional circumstances include periods when we require your details to include you in our activities. Any pages that issue ultimatum are fraud and not part of our websites.


Our website, uses cookies to enhance User experience. Cookies are files that are sent from the site’s server to your hard drive through the web browser. The service providers system can capture the user browser and other information. The purpose of the cookies is record keeping and tracking of customers trends. If you have a web browser that blocks the use of cookies, the website may not function properly, and we will alert you to disable the function. Use of cookies helps us understand your preference and compile data about site traffic and interaction.


Uses of Personal Information

  1. To enhance the customer experience. The PII and cookies help the company respond better to your needs and meet your requirements.
  2. We use the information in the database to personalize the user experience. What is your preferred destination? What is the clients’ budget?
  3. To run promotion packages and site survey. The survey educates us on the facilities, packages, offers or destinations that interest the user.
  4. We use the email address to respond to any inquiries or send a price quotation for our trips. The email is used to deliver company news, upcoming events and discounts or any other relevant information to the client. The email service is free, and the customer is allowed to unsubscribe when they so please.

Security Measures

We have a team of intelligent IT professionals that ensure the company data is protected from unauthorized access. All the systems are protected by passwords, usernames and an up to date firewall. The technical team regularly checks for security holes or vulnerabilities and mitigate the issues. The system is safe from disclosure, destruction, or alteration of data.


We do allow third-party companies to advertise their goods and services on our websites. As a customer, you can block the adverts using an ad blocker. The advertising companies may use information like browser type and cookies to advertise services that seem to be of interest to you. Most of the ads are however served by, or the company may engage in affiliate advertising to increase traffic and sales.

Acceptance of the Policy

By using, you accept the company policy.